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What are Contamination Assist Trays (CAT™) used for?

CAT™s can help to maintain compliance with OSHA standards for bloodborne pathogens.  The PVC material and tray walls protect the gurney, linen, and floor from being contaminated as well as control and contain blood and other potentially infectious material.  Using the CAT™s lead to improved patient safety and infection prevention, improved healthcare worker safety and also has several economic benefits.

How do I dispose of the CAT™s?

The liners are fitted over the frame like a bed sheet.  The liner is removable from the frame.  It can be easily removed and disposed of in the biohazard receptacle.  The polystyrene frame can be easily folded and thrown out or recycled.

What is the time savings from the average patient clean-up with the use of the CAT™s?

What is the personnel/disinfection supply savings from the use of the CAT™s?

What is the increased throughput facilitated by faster turnover of the ER worth?

We are currently in the process of researching specific statistical data to these three questions.  If you are interested in participating in this study, please e-mail us at

What we do know is:

Contamination Assist Trays (CAT™) from CAT Medical reduce spills containing blood and other fluids which will deliver four economic advantages:

  • Reduced supply costs for disinfecting and decontaminating bed rails, stretchers, tables, floors and other surfaces.
  • Reduced laundry expense to clean towels and other linens.
  • Reduced effort of housekeeping personnel which also lowers the time required for cleanup.
  • The time saved will translate into faster turnaround and increased patient flows and throughput.